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Discover Yukai

This shoes seeks to be the perfect fushion between a sporty attitude with the elegant decorative elements. Inspired by the 'brogue' shoes, its name, Yukai, means happy in Japanese.


This model is made in a 100% italian raw linen hand cold dyed combined with soft and flexible suede leather on the vamp and the heel.

It comes with tiny punch holes as decoration on the vamp and counter.

The lining on both upper and footbed is from comfy cotton fabric.


Hand stitched leather label on tongue with Satorisan logo fire engraved.

Evergreen sole: It represents the “always young” Satorisan spirit.

...And much more

Removable insole specially developed to ensure the maximum ergonomic and functional features.

Non-slip sticky rubber sole stitched to the cut.

Extra insoles made in high density EVA.

Used & Wrinkled look

We combine state-of-the-art industrial techniques with careful craftsmanship, as the controlled erosion of the materials in order to give our models that Used & Wrinkled look making every pair unique and unrepeatable.


Care instructions

Wipe them with a damp cloth and mild non detergent soap. If they need a deeper clean, machine wash in a cold and gentle cycle (max. 30ºC/86ºF), removing the insoles and laces first. Do not use the tumble dryer and avoid drying them directly in the sun.

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