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Pod, Leak Proof Kids Water Bottles

The width of a can (65mm), Pod fits all cup holders, kids’ lunchboxes. Comfortable and grippy for little hands, with a hand strap.

For Lunch Boxes

Pod fits perfectly into Kid’s school lunch boxes and back packs.

350ml is a perfect size for children from 3-9 years, whilst juniors may find the larger capacity 500ml Slim more suitable.

For Cup Holders

The Ion8 Pod is the same width as a standard soft drinks can and fits all standard cup & can holders.

For Handbags

The Pod is a great choice for your handbag or messenger bag.

Travel light about town, and still stay hydrated.


Height (with lid)                           168mm

Height (without lid)                      153mm

Diameter (bottom of bottle)         65mm

Weight                                           130g

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